Our Leadership Team
First United Methodist Church of Albany has a rich history in downtown Albany, Georgia. Founded in 1841, the church has seen over 50 different Methodist ministers in service and survived the War Between The States and two World Wars. Though the buildings and ministers have changed through the years, the ministry focus remains the same: to offer a place where people can meet Jesus and become fully engaged disciples of the Christian faith. We hope that you will find a place here, too.  Join us as the church continues to move on, throughout the years, building up the body of Christ and His kingdom.
Jim Morrow

Senior Minister

Anna Miller

Associate Minister  Congregational Care

Laurel Griffith
Associate Minister
Leah George
Business Manager
Administration and Facilities 
Phillip George
Youth Minister
Allison Vandenbergh

Children’s Minister

Brandon Keaton
Director of Music
Erin Loyd
Preschool Director
Angela Oliver
Director of Food Services
Christy Wingate
Director of Missions & Outreach
Karyl Harris
Administrative Assistant
Front Office/Membership
Becky Herndon
Administrative Assistant
Front Office/Program Staff
Susan Dillard
Administrative Assistant
Print Communications
Lisa Christenson
Administrative Assistant
Finance/Business Office
Kallie Rutledge
Digital Media Specialist
Sylvia Broadaway
Hospitality Coordinator
Meri Beth Hillard
Music Assistant
Mary Brown Heritage
Grief Groups
Ashley Brown
Children’s Ministry Assistant
Kelvin Works
Facilities Team
Zerike Jones
Facilities Team
Aaron Goudy
Facilities Team
Gloria Miller
Facilities Team