The Christian marriage ceremony is a service of worship. God has ordained that a man and a woman enter together into a sacred human covenant called marriage, pledging their love and promising fidelity to each other as long as they both live. When a marriage is performed in the context of Christian worship that relationship is blessed by God and the couple receives the promise of God’s help as they begin the journey of their lives together as a married couple.

The members and staff of First United Methodist Church of Albany hope that your wedding on this sacred site will be deeply spiritual and memorable. We wish for you all the joy and true happiness, which Christ is able to bring to your relationship and home.

A couple desiring to be married at First Methodist of Albany should:
1. Contact the Wedding Coordinator to check availability of desired date of event - [email protected]
2. If desired date is available, complete the Reservation Request Form and return it to the 
Wedding Coordinator.
3. A reservation is not confirmed until a contract has been generated and signed and one half of the total event cost has been paid.

Our general policies apply to all events held here at First Methodist of Albany.

A deposit amount totaling one half of the total cost of the event(s) requested is required in order to confirm a reservation. This amount is determined by the Wedding Coordinator and will be clear in the contract between the church and party requesting the reservation.

All remaining fees following the deposit for any event scheduled here at First Methodist of Albany must be paid in full at least one month prior to the date of the scheduled event(s).

If a wedding event is cancelled, all monies will be refunded less a $50 service fee.

Building Access
For weddings, the church and dressing rooms are available for a five-hour window. Building access will begin 3 hours prior to the ceremony start time. For receptions, Ford Hall will be available for 2.5 hours. Building access will begin 2 hours prior to the reception start time.

Additional Time
Additional time may be added to an event window for an additional fee. Please see page one of our Pricing, Policy, and Information Guide for a listing of fees.

First Methodist of Albany provides each couple with the services of a Wedding Coordinator and a Wedding Director.

Our Wedding Coordinator will work closely with you to help you reserve, plan and organize your event(s) using our facilities. She will help you by answering any questions you may have about our facilities. She will assist you in upholding church policies as you plan and serve as a liaison with our church staff to ensure that your needs for using our facilities are met (within policy limitation).

Our Wedding Director will assist you in making sure that the plans you made for your scheduled event run smoothly. You can expect contact from her at least one month prior to your scheduled event. She will coordinate a time to meet with you to discuss the details surrounding your event so that she may be an effective director. She will attend and direct your wedding rehearsal and ceremony. She will be available to direct your wedding reception for an additional fee if your reception is booked here at our church. She will ensure that all set up requests within policy limit are met.

Visual Equipment
In our main sanctuary and Ford Hall, you may use our projector and screen for an additional fee of $50.

Schedule Limitations
First United Methodist Church reserves the right to not book a wedding due to scheduled events, holidays, special decorations, and staff availability. A wedding ceremony reservation may not have a ceremony start time any later than 7PM. A wedding and reception reservation may not have a ceremony start time later than 6PM. Non-Member weddings are not scheduled during the month of December.

Premarital Counseling
All couples marrying at First United Methodist Church of Albany should be involved in premarital counseling. The marriage ceremony is a one-day celebration of the beginning of a life-long commitment. Preparation for married life is invaluable. Please contact the pastor officiating your wedding to arrange premarital counseling appointments. If the officiating pastor is unavailable or unwilling to provide these services, please contact our Wedding Event Coordinator.

Our Ceremony Policies apply to all wedding ceremonies held here at First Methodist of Albany in any chapel.

Wedding Rehearsal
The location of your wedding event will be reserved for a 1.5 hour time block for your wedding rehearsal on the evening prior to your scheduled event. The rehearsal will be hosted and directed by your assigned Wedding Director.

Officiating Minister
All weddings booked at First Methodist of Albany must be performed by an ordained minister.

The church will be unlocked 3 hours prior to the ceremony start time for access and pictures to be taken. Additional time may be reserved for a fee. See page 1 for a listing of fees. No flash photography may be taken during the ceremony. The only photos that may be taken during the ceremony must be taken from the balcony or the rear of the location of your ceremony. Standing on church furniture to take pictures should be avoided. If you wish to have a picture taken with the minister who is officiating your wedding, as a courtesy, please request your photographer to take this picture first following the ceremony.

Videotaping your ceremony and/or reception is allowed here at First Methodist of Albany. Should you desire to record your event, recording devices should be placed in the balcony or rear of the location of your ceremony. An unattended recording device may be placed out of view in the choir loft if the minister officiating the ceremony approves. No recording equipment should obstruct the view of worshippers attending your ceremony. No special lighting may be used for recording.

No sound system other than those present in the location of your ceremony are to be used. Here at First Methodist of Albany, we should be able to accommodate any sound needs you have for your wedding. We can provide a lapel microphone for the officiating minister, pulpit microphones or wireless handheld microphones and stands for vocalists or readers, direct boxes and cords for guitar players, instrumental microphones, a CD player, audio for Apple devices or MP3 players, a piano, and an organ.

When selecting music for your wedding ceremony, keep in mind that your ceremony will be a worship service held in the house of God. The music you select should reflect this.
First Methodist of Albany has organists and pianists available to play for weddings. Our instrumentalists have the first right of refusal. It is the responsibility of the couple to contact the musician(s) to inquire about availability. Contact information for these individuals can be found at the top of the following page.
Suzanne Unger 229-436-8627 MeriBeth Hillard 229-432-7407
DeeAnna Weber 229-886-9286 Suzanne Unger 229-436-8627



Flowers and greenery should be carefully placed so that the view of the altar is not obstructed. All decorations must be arranged in order that direct attention and focus can be toward the altar. If you desire to leave any floral arrangements from your wedding to be used in worship services the following day, please make arrangements with the Wedding Coordinator. The oil candles on the altar are Christian symbols used in worship and should not be moved. Any additional candles used in the ceremony must be dripless. Special care should be taken with carpets, floors, and furniture. Heavy plastic must be placed beneath palms, potted plants, and candelabras.


Furniture may not be moved. Thumbtacks, nails, tape or anything that would cause permanent damage to the church’s property may not be used in decorating.


White, fresh rose petals are the only petals that may be used inside the church. Silk flower petals are allowed, but must be picked up after use. Rice and birdseed are not permitted on the church campus.

First Methodist of Albany does not have an onsite caterer. It is the responsibility of the couple to hire an outside caterer to provide food for the booked event.

Wedding Reservation Form

Click here for the Wedding Reservation form.