We believe one of the primary means of spiritual growth occurs through membership, where you are presented many opportunities to express your faith in Christ and engage with the church through your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Church membership is a common and concrete way of expressing and growing in such engagement with our Lord.

Ways Members Are Received

  • Transfer of membership: if a person is a member of a recognized Christian community, membership can be transferred to this congregation.
  • Affirmation of faith: if a person has been baptized (usually as an infant or small child) and not joined a church, baptism is not repeated but the person joins by professing their faith.
  • Affirmation of faith and baptism: if a person has never been baptized, baptism is necessary for church membership.

If you are interested in membership, please complete the attached form below and return it to Laurel Griffith at [email protected] or via fax 229-496-1240.

Confirmation Class    

Using the Credo curriculum for preparation for church membership, our confirmation class is 14 weeks long with several field trips and a retreat. The confirmands are placed in small groups with a mentor who travels along with them during this journey. This is a “right of passage” for young people as they become aware of what their faith means to them and how they have gifts to offer God, too. We invite 6th graders and up to participate in this annually.  Attendance is a high value as well as parent support.