As a part of our continuing and evolving understanding of our Discipleship Pathway here at First United Methodist Church, the Adult Discipleship Team has helped to define the categories of 1) Exploring Christ 2) Knowing Christ 3) Growing in Christ and 4) Christ Centered. Every one of us fits into one of these four descriptions on the continuum.  Some of us have been in the same “bucket” for years not exactly knowing how we move on or if we need to move on.  We hope the following information will help to clarify where you are and how you may need to move along the pathway with God’s grace (those big words at the top) helping you along the way.

Question_Circle_OnlyExploring Christ: Do I wonder about the claims of Christianity?  Do I struggle with my belief in Christ, but not God?  Do I consider myself a Christian even though I doubt things about Christ?  Then you are Exploring Christ.

Knowing Christ: Do I believe in Jesus and am I working to know Him better? Do I feel comfortable with spiritual practices such as prayer, study, and worship?  Do I hesitate to take my faith outside of the church walls?  Then you are Knowing Christ.

Growing_Circle_OnlyGrowing in Christ Do I depend on Christ every day?  Do I see Christ as personal, someone who assists me daily?  Do I turn to Christ daily for help and guidance as I face life’s issues?  Do I connect daily with God through personal spiritual practices?  Then you are Growing in Christ.

Centered_Circle_OnlyChrist Centered Do I identify my relationship with Christ as the most important relationship in my life?  Do I see my life as fully surrendered to Jesus and His agenda?  Then you are Christ Centered.

Another way to help us understand this is using an analogy of a car. Perhaps you believe in God but don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus so therefore He’s standing outside the car. (Exploring Christ) Or maybe you know Him, but not really well so He's in the backseat where He rides with you to church and back home but not much of anywhere else (Knowing Christ). Or maybe you have gotten to know Him through daily conversation with Him and allow Him to sit in the front passenger seat where He can help give you directions (Growing in Christ). Or perhaps you have let go of the wheel and Jesus is actually driving your car. He is the most important relationship in your life and you have fully surrendered to His agenda (Christ Centered).

Wherever you are, or wherever your Jesus is, the point is that there is always room to move - to grow - to press on along the pathway. We hope that the use of these symbols in conjunction with the advertising of classes and small groups will help you select discipleship opportunities that fit where you are or where you are going. Because we’re BETTER TOGETHER.

Better Together Small Groups:


A Small group is a micro-community of faith where men and women can do life together. We have women’s, men’s and mixed groups that meet regularly. Though studies may be used to help with discussion, they are not the primary focus of the group. The group is designed to be small (3-10 members) so that more authentic relationships can be developed.  Following our Wesleyan understanding for the importance of the early “bands" for our spiritual formation, we encourage all members to participate in an ongoing small group. There are short-term groups that form throughout the year that serve as “on ramps” for a long-term group. They also provide people the opportunity to get to know new people outside of their peer group or Sunday School class. We believe that small groups fall under all the discipleship pathway levels, but that it is a means to being Christ Centered as you connect deeply with others. This is the goal of adult discipleship at First United Methodist Church.

Long-Term Small Groups:

Women’s Small Groups - Meet in homes and on campus on Wednesday mornings and evenings, and Thursday mornings

Men’s Small Groups - Meet on Tuesday morning and Wednesday evenings on campus

Mixed Small Groups - Meet in homes and on Wednesday evenings on campus

Short Term Small Groups - seasonal and short-term churchwide studies that vary from 4-8 weeks

New Studies beginning in January 2020!
Register for the following studies at the registration table outside the church office.

The Gospel of Matthew - You are invited to study the Gospel of Matthew, most closely linked to the Old Testament and to the prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah. Matthew reveals that God’s promises to bring salvation to his people Israel and to the whole world are being fulfilled with the coming of Jesus the Messiah. Together, we will discover our part in God’s great redemptive story. Tuesday Ladies’ Bible Study beginning January 14, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM and Wednesday Bible Study beginning January 15, 6:30-7:30 PM.

A FaithLife Journey: What does it really mean to live by faith?  The Apostle Paul reminds us as a New Testament people we no longer live under the requirements of Law, but under God’s grace by faith.  Faithful living is a day by day journey with many challenges.  Come join A FaithLife Journey with Anna Miller in Walden Chapel on Wednesday nights beginning January 15 at 6:30 PM as we explore Faithful living as New Testament disciples.

Financial Peace University: A Proven, Personal Finance Plan:  In this nine-week class, you will receive the tools you need to win with money. The course teaches life-changing principles and is open to couples and individuals. Get ready to dump debt, communicate in marriage, and plan for your future. Sign-up in the church office or attend the information meeting to find out all the details. Childcare provided. Information meeting: Wednesday, January 8, 6-7:30 PM.  Class begins Wednesday, January 22, 6-7:30 PM.  Facilitators: Keith Miller and Bob Johnson.  Location: Pathfinders Classroom, Bldg. 3 (upstairs).  Cost: $130.00 (includes budgeting app and year-long membership)

It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way - finding unexpected strength when disappointments leave you shattered:  Life doesn’t look like you thought it would. Do you have this feeling that circumstances, relationships, and finances should be better than they actually are? In this six-week class, Lysa Terkeurst will share her own story with pain and disappointment. You will learn how to process your struggles and move forward with peace and the confidence that God’s Word holds the answers you need. Class begins Wednesday, January 15. Sign up in the church office. Upon registration, you will receive a copy of Lysa’s best-selling book. Location: The River Classroom, Bldg. 3 (upstairs).   Time: 6:30-7:30 PM.   Facilitated by Sylvia Broadaway, Debbie Foreman, and Teresa Breen Johnson.  Cost: $13.00.

Men’s Discussion Group - The Tech-wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in its Proper Place:  In his best-selling book, Andy Crouch leads us to reclaim real life in a world of technology. Making good choices about technology in our families is more than just using internet filters and determining screen-time limits for our children. It's about building character, wisdom, and courage. This six-week, research-based study will take you beyond the typical questions of what, where, and when. You will discover that in a world full of devices, there's a way to choose a better life than we've imagined. Sign-up in the church office.  Facilitated by Thad Haygood. Class begins Wednesday, January 15.  Time: 6:30-7:30 PM. Location: Communion Classroom, Bldg. 3 (upstairs).  Cost: $8.00.

Monday Night Bible Study.  Join Brandon Keaton this winter for an 8-week study of the General Epistles (1 & 2 Peter, James, and Jude).  We will meet each Monday from January 6 to February 24 from 6-8:00 PM in Conference Room A, Bldg. 3.  No cost for this study.  Sign up in the main church office.

*All sign ups for new small groups or classes are located on the book table in the church office or by emailing Laurel Griffith at [email protected].


Classes range from exploring Christ to Christ Centered on the Discipleship Pathway continuum. Some classes cover all stages while others are more specifically targeted. Click the link below to learn more about specific classes.

Sunday School Classes

Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible

We gather at 10:30 AM on Tuesday mornings in Ford Hall for a time of fellowship and Bible Study. We typically do 6-8 week studies so women can hop in and out of the study as needed. We meet until noon. Child care is always provided. Cost varies with the study but usually about $13 for a participant book. We often use video led studies. The beginning of class includes a time to review the reading or last week’s highlights. We have large group time for discussion and small group time where we dive into the text deeper. Most recently, we have used curriculum from the Promised Land series by Ray Vander Laan and several studies by Jessica Lagrone. This class has varied ages and stages along the Discipleship Pathway. All are welcome!

Click here to see all of our current women's ministry offerings.