Caring for the members of First United Methodist Church is also a ministry. We understand that showing love and kindness also means going to those who cannot come to us. Our church provides regular visitation for those who are ill or unable to leave their homes. Some are in assisted living, nursing homes, or rehabilitation facilities. A church volunteer brings information about what is happening at FUMC to those who are unable to attend services and also relays to the ministers the conditions and needs of the people who are visited. The “Flower Angels” are a group of volunteers that rearrange the sanctuary flowers from the previous Sunday into small vases to be carried to these members.  For many, this welcomed visit and friendly face is their main contact outside of their home.

Each day one of the ministers on staff visits those members who are in the hospital. Another group has monthly visits with any members that may be at Magnolia Manor, Lee County Health Care, or Morningside Assisted Living.

The church also has a bereavement committee that provides a meal before or after a funeral, according to the family’s wishes. If you are looking for a way to plug in as a volunteer and would feel comfortable in any of these roles, the Care Ministry would love to have you.