Engaged Missions is the Outreach Ministry Team of First Church Albany. We provide opportunities for service and ministry to those beyond the walls of our church whose special or unique needs can be met while being offered the compassion, love, and hope of Jesus.

Missions/Outreach Opportunities:

Backyard Missions
One Saturday each month we partner with Mission:Change and serve our community. Projects include working at the Second Harvest Food Bank, McIntosh Community Park with the kids, serving a Christmas Eve brunch to our downtown neighbors, packing sack lunches and making Valentine cards for our elderly, etc… All Backyard Missions are family friendly!

Albany ACTO (Alzheimer's Caregivers Time-Out): ACTO offers "time out" for those who bear the responsibility of providing continual care for someone with Alzheimer's disease. Volunteer to spend time with the clients by assisting with their meals, singing, making crafts, gardening, or simply rocking in a chair. Flexible schedule.

Disaster Relief Team: Serve on relief teams as they respond to the needs of victims of natural disasters. Willing hearts are always necessary but construction skills are not. When there are no disasters within a 500-mile radius this team works on projects within the community.

Global Connection Team: This team maintains existing relationships with global partners and missionaries, and continually seeks ways for our church to fulfill our Purpose by Serving the World.

Great Day of Service: Join the GDS team and help plan and implement community service projects for the entire church to be a part of for the Great Day of Service on a Saturday in March.

Meals on Wheels Driver (Monthly): Volunteer to deliver lunch meals prepared by our Council on Aging to homebound and elderly members of our community who may otherwise not have a hot meal and conversation.

Partners in Excellence Team: Participate in building relationships with faculty and students of our partner schools, Morningside Elementary and Northside Elementary. We serve as room parents, tutors, reading buddies, etc...

Project Redemption Team: The mission of this ministry is to become more engaged followers of Jesus Christ by walking with Albany families out of poverty, providing support programs based on their needs including but not limited to: mentoring, tutoring, money management, medical/health concerns, legal issues, short-term assistance with housing, and life development skills.

Sunday Evening With our Neighbors Team (SEWN): 52 Sunday evenings a year, a meal is shared with our downtown neighbors. Members of this team help guide our church in fulfilling our Purpose of Loving our Neighbors by overseeing the different components of the SEWN ministry. Continually seek ways to involve and engage those who desire to be a part of this local outreach.

Sunday Evening With our Neighbors Meal Host: (Quarterly) Get your church, Sunday school class, or organization to enter into a regular rotation of planning and preparing and serving meals for our Sunday Evening ministry.

The Village: This is an after school program for children living in the McIntosh Housing area. Volunteers are needed to help with homework, arts and crafts, science experiments, sports, etc… The Village is open from 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM Monday -Thursday during the school year. Volunteer as your schedule permits.

The Christmas Shop (Annually): This annual event gives families living in the McIntosh Housing area the chance to Christmas shop for their family members. Items range from .25 to $1.00. Volunteers help plan the event, collect donated gifts, sort gifts into different categories, and set up the Christmas Shop in the McIntosh Community Center.

Two 31 Community Garden: (weekly) The community garden is open 24/7-365 days a year to anyone in need of something healthy to eat. Sign up to water and weed the community garden one day per week for a growing season. Watch the garden go from seeds to mature vegetable producing plants.

Knit One – Pray Too – The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets weekly to fellowship and knit.  This group knits prayer shawls for those experiencing sadness, blankets for new babies in the church family, and most recently, blankets for the children at Zion Children’s Home on Current Island.