The purpose of the First United Methodist Preschool is to provide your children with educational experiences and quality care in a loving Christian environment. In this atmosphere, we want them to enjoy themselves while they learn to get along with others, use good manners and show respect for others and their property. At First United Methodist Preschool our learning activities, materials, and teaching practices are developmentally appropriate and designed to build a love of learning and a foundation for success in school years ahead.

Our staff is loving, creative, and dedicated to children. We invite you to become a member of the First United Methodist Preschool family!

For further information, please contact Erin Loyd, Preschool Director.            [email protected] // 229-432-5512

Classroom Hours

8am-12pm OR 9am-1pm

Key Dates for 2020-2021 School Year

Fees & Monthly Tuition

$85.00 Registration Fee
$40.00 Crib Supply Fee
$95.00 1's-Pre-K Supply Fee
Crib-3 Years Monthly Tuition
$135.00 2 Day
$165.00 3 Day
$195.00 5 Day
Pre-K Monthly Tuition
$205.00 5 Day