We are excited to welcome you to First United Methodist Church, Albany. Though we are a fairly large church, most people find connecting here easy. We have a wide variety of small groups, classes, and activities from which you can choose and explore the life of the church. At First United Methodist Church, Albany our first priority is to help you grow in your engagement with Jesus Christ. We believe one of the primary means of spiritual growth occurs through membership, where you are presented many opportunities to express your faith in Christ and engage with the church through your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

In addition we offer a quarterly “Next Steps” new member class. Whether you are just starting on your faith journey or further along on your path of discipleship, this is a great place to plug in and meet others. “Next Steps” is a short, 6-week course on the basics of discipleship in the United Methodist Church. 

We would love to help you plan an upcoming visit.  For many, it can be intimidating to visit on your own. Submit the form to the right and let us prepare for your arrival by having someone meet you and help show you around.

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What to Expect (FAQ’s)
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Ready to Get Involved?

From small groups to regular Sunday school classes, FUMC has many ways for you to meet others and grow spiritually.


Better Together Small Groups

A group of 3-10 adults who come together regularly for spiritual formation and accountability.  These may or may not be linked to studies.  There are ongoing and short-term small groups.



Classes range from exploring Christ to Christ Centered on the Discipleship Pathway continuum.  Some classes cover all stages while others are more specifically targeted.  Classes include studies during the week as well as Sunday mornings.  Look for the circle icon to match where you fall on the discipleship pathway with a class offering.  

For more specific information on small groups and classes, click the button to the right.

Adult Classes




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First United Methodist Church, Albany
307 Flint Avenue Albany, GA 31701
Phone: 229-432-7407
Fax: 229-496-1240
Email: [email protected]

8:30 - 9:30 AM Worship (Sanctuary)
10:30 - 11:30 AM Worship (Sanctuary)
5:30 PM Sunday Evening With Our Neighbors (Gym)