Meet our Church Staff


Rev. Thad Haygood

Senior Minister

Ashlee Crawford

Director of Nursery & Early Childhood Ministries

Becky Herndon

Administrative Asst. - Programming


Manager of Administration and Facilities

Karyl Harris

Administrative Asst. - Sr. Minister, Assoc. Minister & Membership

Virginia Griffin

Director of Outreach Center

Sylvia Broadway

Financial Secretary/Office Coordinator

Allison Vandenbergh

Director of Children's Ministries

Meri Beth Hillard

Youth & Music Assistant

Erin Loyd

Director of Preschool

Zerike Jones


Joyce Pettit

Office Receptionist

Susan Dillard

Administrative Asst. - Communications

Laurel Griffith

Director of Adult Discipleship

Kelvin Works

Maintenance Supervisor

George Whiddon

Director of Youth Ministries

Allison Vandenbergh

Director of Children's Ministries

Mary Brown Heritage

Lay Visitor

Dr. Brandon Keaton

Director of Music & Senior Adult Ministries

Laura Haygood

Director of Missions and Outreach